All That We Are Is The Result of What We Have Thought, Buddha

The power of the mind transcends time and space. Each thought has a vibration that resonates through the universe. A universal chatter, humming, building power the more and more that specific thought is given energy.

Be it good, or bad, the strength of that vibration gives it power.

Always choose thoughts wisely, and if need be, train yourself to re-think a thought that does not empower you.

The Universe Says : Be careful which thoughts you give your power to. You may be creating the exact opposite of that which you are wishing for...

Alethea Anderson
Speaking of the Universe



Is there such thing as coincidence?  Is there really 'chance'?  Or, is everything really meant to be?  Does each moment really need to align precisely the way it unfolds in order for our lives to be as they are right now?  Does each encounter, conversation, overheard words, visual image, etc... have a meaning in our existence?

It may be hard to believe, but each moment is indeed created by thought - either conscious or unconscious.  Thoughts are indeed things, vibrations sent out to the collective consciousness.  What it is that you think, is broadcast out to the Universe and what needs to take place in order to manifest those thoughts are the things that happen in our lives.

Something within the mind, moves each of us where we need to be, precisely each moment... Where we go where we go, we do what we do - all because we think it first.

The most difficult thing to conceptualize about the nature of coincidence, is, if nothing really occurs from coincidence - then how does each moment apply to me?  What am I supposed to be gaining from each encounter, conversation, overheard words, or visual images?

This is part of being 'now', part of being in the present, part of aligning who you are, with the self that is within, part of aligning the mind that is with the mind that thinks.  Is this an easy task?  Not for the person who lives in the past or future...  Once you become 'now' you will become  more aware of the gifts of knowledge that are presented to you!

The Universe Says : Be mentally aware of each moment, feel each moment as it transpires, and explore each moment within your mind to see how it is aligning with you - and why.

Alethea Anderson
Speaking of the Universe

Grassy Toes - Feeling Your Way Into the NOW

Sometimes when I am feeling detached from the NOW I go barefoot in nature.  Today I went out to play with mother nature in the yard.  I trimmed some plants, pulled some weeds, watered ~ and most importantly I walked barefoot in the grass.

One way to gently tug yourself out of the past and draw yourself out of the future - in order to bring yourself to a state of current consciousness and awareness, is to FEEL your way into the NOW.

Just as focusing on thoughts can indeed bring us present, just as thoughts can easily take us away to the past or future pulling us mentally away from what is into what was or what could be.

When my mind is racing and that feeling of anxiety is creeping in, I know I need to escape my racing thoughts for awhile and quiet my mind.  I find a great way to bring myself into the NOW is to get grounded in nature.  One of the ways I do this is to go barefoot, literally body to ground.  

Today I took my shoes off and started feeling my way through the yard.  I felt the softness of the carpet transition to the coolness of the hard concrete porch in the shade, which then became warmness of the rougher concrete that had been warmed by the sun.  As I walked down the sidewalk I felt the delicate prickles of little leaves that had fallen from the tree.

I paid attention to every step and felt the world around me through my feet...

Soon I was walking on the grass, I could feel crunchy spots and dry soil, the grass was telling me it needed water there.  I could feel soft spots with damp soil, the grass was happy.  While trimming some flowers I gently stepped into a mass of baby tears, such tiny and delicate leaves, absorbing the impression of my foot, and bouncing back when I stepped away.

While Dead Heading my mop-head hydrangea blooms, carefully to ensure an abundant bloom next spring I was noticing the colors of the flowers.  Fresh new flowers starting white to light purple.  Larger flowers lighter purple to a deeper purple.  Older flowers fading from purple to lavender to pink.  

Smiling and feeling garden bliss, I started to become aware of the sounds around me.  While feeling the grass between my toes, I also heard the buzzing of bees, I watched their dangling legs as they danced in and out of flower blossoms, admiring their tiny, fuzzy striped bodies.  I heard the rustling of lizards sneaking through the underbrush and even saw a tiny baby lizard, I wondered how tiny the egg was he hatched out of.  Then very loudly a humming in my ear, I froze and looked to see a hummingbird pause and look at me as if saying "yes, you are NOW, enjoy!"  The little fairy bird zipped up into a tree and silently sat.

In this very moment my mind was absolutely silent...

I was totally in the NOW.  No other thoughts were in my head, I just felt bliss and happiness.  I was not 'thinking' and that is what being, that is what be-ing, in the NOW is all about.

The Universe Says : "If you are not in the NOW, you may achieve NOW-ness by getting barefoot in the grass.  Walk silently and feel the sensations of nature, envelope the sounds, smells and feelings around you until your mind is silent.  Enjoy the bliss. Feel the NOW"

Alethea Anderson
Speaking of the Universe


Mt. Dew Spill

                                     Just when I have doubt in my powers to attract, something happens so quickly to reaffirm my belief of the powers of thought.  Sometimes I step away from my positive thoughts as I get consumed by darkness of the world and then I start heading towards the light once again which is lighted by signs I'm able to read loud and clear.

My message today was delivered by means of Mt. Dew...  I had just finished dinner and left my can of Mt. Dew on a small table near the television.  As I got up with my dishes I looked back and thought to myself "hmmm, I should get that in case one of the dogs bump the table".  I then dismissed the thought convincing myself that I never see the dogs bump the table.

I did the dishes, and as I walked towards my desk I once again pondered grabbing the can, because 'what if' the dogs bumped the table... Once again I dismissed it and literally less than 60 seconds later, one of the dogs jumps up, bumps the table and the soda topples over onto the carpet. 

Law of Attraction in action.  A sign I ignored.  An instinct I dismissed...

The Universe Says "Thoughts are very precise, whaterver it is that you project out is answered.  Be it a wonderous desire, or a spilling soda.  Choose your thoughts carefully...."

Alethea Anderson
Speaking of the Universe

Is Your Life Half Empty or Half Full?

Sometimes we induce self-initiated downward spirals ~ all from our own personal mindset.  Nearly always this is unintentional, I mean who WANTS to go into a downward spiral?

  1. How does this happen?
  2. More importantly, how do we ALLOW this to happen?
  3. Even MORE importantly, how do we STOP this from happening?
Let me explain...

  1. We create a downward spiral from our very own thoughts.  If we wake up in the morning and slam our toe on the bed proclaiming "oh great, this day is going to suck"  soon you will forget to bring a towel to the shower, realize the dog took our left shoe into the yard (into the rain), get stuck in traffic and leave your lunch at home sitting on the counter.
  2. Now why do we ALLOW this to happen?  Simple.  It's the subconscious mind at work.  The subconscious is very powerful and can dominate the conscious quite easily.  It is the section of the mind that will completely take over, and in most people the subconscious is in control of daily life.
  3. How do we STOP this?  BEcome conscious of your thoughts.  Choose your thoughts!  If you slam your toe, pause, breathe, and accept the fact that it happened.  Then be grateful!  (WHAT?)  Yes, find the gratitude in every moment!  Be thankful that you have a toe, be thankful you can FEEL your toe, be thankful you can experience pain.  As there are people with no toes and no physical feeling.
You see, in every dark moment there actually is light, if you choose to SEE it.   Many get stuck in their own darkness they create that they continue to manifest more darkness. 

Find the light in every moment...

  •  Forget a towel?  Be thankful for running water and that you can pay for the heat to warm it.  
  •  Dog stole your shoe?  Be thankful you have shoes and the ability to walk.
  • Stuck in traffic?  Be thankful you have your own car.
  • Forgot your lunch?  Be thankful you had food in the pantry at home to even make a lunch.
The Universe Says "there is a blessing in EVERY moment, no matter how big, no matter how small, the key is being grateful for that blessing in EVERY moment..."

Practice and soon you'll only be seeing light...

Alethea Anderson
Speaking of the Universe


"Be Impeccable With Your Word"

I am currently reading the Five Agreements....  For me it has been a great refresher of the Four Agreements (the original book).  The first Agreement is...

"Be Impeccable With Your Word."

This is SO very important as so frequently we say things and we do not realize are harming ourselves.  The key is to speak the truth and be who you are, (the real you).

How often do you partake in a little 'gossip'?  Do you realize that gossiping about someone gives away your power, and empowers the person you are talking about?

How often do you put yourself down?  Even in thought..."I'm fat..."  "I'm ugly..."  "I can't do that..."  etc...

How often do you say things like "I'll never get better"... "I'm always in pain..."   "I'm stressed out..."  "I have no money..." "I have no energy..."

These are all things that the more you 'affirm' them by speaking of them, you are creating MORE of these things (even though you probably don't want them)

impeccable (adj) 1: not capable of sinning or liable to sin  2: free from fault or blame : flawless

Being impeccable with your word means speaking the whole truth and nothing but.  Purity.  Positive energy.  Positive feeling.  It's not so easy now is it?

The Universe Says "practice being impeccable with your word the next time you have a conversation.  Do  more listening instead of speaking.  Be 'aware' of your conversation and think before you speak."

Alethea Anderson
Speaking of the Universe


How Collective Consciousness Created and Economic Downturn in the US

Collective Consciousness is the mass vibration created by the thoughts of the mass population.  Vibrational levels get stronger when many are focused upon the same thing.  Masses of people worrying about lack of food, lack of money, war ~ creates exactly that is thought about... Lack of food.  Lack of money. War.

Even Mother Teresa said "I won't go to an anti war rally, but I'll go to a pro-peace one..."

What do you think she meant by this?  Basically, she would not participate in a negative event creating collective consciousness that would attract war.  But she WOULD attend a positive event creating a collective consciousness that would attract peace...

Think about it, when do YOU remember our "economy taking a dump".  Your first memory of this is probably when you started hearing the media talk about it on the radio and TV.  Prior to that, you thought nothing different than a normal day at the office.

However when the media started spewing off about job loss, people losing their homes and more.  What happened?  MORE people lost jobs.  MORE people lost homes.  Why?  The vibrational attraction of WORRY was activated, mass quantities of people started asking "WHAT IF?"
  • What if I lose MY job?
  • What if I lose MY home?
This activated such a STRONG and POWERFUL wave of vibrational WORRY and LACK that the Universe delivered exactly what the thoughts were thinking.  You've heard it time and time again, "choose your thoughts wisely" or "careful what you ask for" and these pertain here too...

Do you perhaps think this can be a part of why some countries have no rain?  People are so focused on the fact that there is NO rain.  Now moreso than ever.  Why?  People from other countries are going there to "help" them, emhpasize how horrible their conditions are, teach them new religions, provide them food from other places (all in an attempt to 'civilize' them)  I don't think we're doing them any favors...  Their  vibrational drum is beaten down and they are told that they are in a BAD situation and this creates a mindset.... they are told over and over they are in drought, that they are suffering, that they are becomes their BELIEF.

Prior to people from other countries intervening, these people did not know 'rich vs poor'.  They led quiet lives in their own villages.  The know  not of a TV, computer or iPhone.  Do they NEED these things to be happy?  No.  But now we are telling them there is 'so much MORE' to life. 

I find shame in this.

What about countries who have not been interfered with?  Ones with traditions that focus on attracting rain?  Dances, chants, gifts to the Gods.  They get their rain, why?  Their collective consciousness, their mass vibration BELIEVES that they will be okay.   And they are...

Are mass quantities of people worrying about GLOBAL WARMING?   Hmmmm...  Are they STILL worrying about JOB LOSS and LACK of money?  Hmmmmm....

The Universe Says "focus on what you WANT not what you DON'T WANT.  In need of money, focus on allowing money to flow TO you and be open to the opportunities presented to you, not the fact you don't have it.    In need of food, focus on allowing food to flow TO you, not the fact you don't have it...a change in mindset will create a change in your situation...

Alethea Anderson
Speaking of the Universe...